Mind Body Birth is a Birthing and Wellness Center located in the heart of LA.

Mind Body Birth offers complete Prenatal, Birth and Postpartum care, as well as holistic Well Person, Fertility, and IUI services, including Pre-Pregnancy Counseling, and Hormonal and Genetic testing.

If you desire to be cared for with compassion, individuality, and respect, you deserve the care provided at Mind Body Birth with Faith Freeman CPM LM and her Team.


Midwife in Residency

Mychal Shifrah Reilly (she/ her) works alongside Faith as part of the birth team as an Apprentice Midwife-In-Residency.

Mychal has a rich background surrounding birth, including many years of work as a birth doula, postpartum doula, abortion doula, placenta encapsulator, sex educator and student Somatic Experiencing Practitioner

Her practice seeks to bring peace and reduce trauma during reproductive events.

Mychal has experience in a wide variety of birth and postpartum techniques, has worked with families of all sizes and backgrounds, and is committed to improving birth outcomes for her whole community. 

Before entering birth work, Mychal earned a B.A. in Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution from Chapman University. She is also a certified mediator.


Midwife in Residency

Anja Akhile works alongside Faith as part of the birth team as an Apprentice Midwife-In-Residency.

Anja has a very personal background around out-of-hospital birth, including her own three births. Anja's first birth was at a birth center with midwives, and her second and third babies were born at home with midwives - Faith being her midwife for her third birth.

During her first pregnancy and birth experience, Anja became passionate about serving birthing families and first entered the birth world as a doula. She then decided she wanted to offer even more options and involved care, which prompted her to enroll with National Midwifery Institute to become a midwife.

Anja first got into this work to improve pregnancy outcomes for Black people in her community through education and advocacy support. Upon completing midwifery school and receiving her credentials, she looks forward to supporting people across the reproductive health spectrum, especially well person visits that include cancer screening, STI testing, birth control, and mental wellness.

Anja currently wears many beautiful hats as a doula, student midwife, mother, and advocate working to reduce racial disparities in all outcomes of pregnancy.

Anja’s goal is to use her education to improve her local community and community abroad, believing that evidence based, patient centered, and trauma informed care is foundation to community health and wellness. She looks forward to serving you!


Office Manager

Aspiring writer and Shavasana expert!
It's easy...I can show you. But, if you've got that covered, I co-ordinate and facilitate all the things, including:
Billing/ Insurance
Medical Records
& More!

I work with Born To Be Loved as the Office Manager. I can pretty much answer whatever questions you have - and if I don't know the answer I will find it out! I am happy to help facilitate whatever you're needing in the moment.

I came to the States to the lovely little town of Santa Cruz, CA at age 13. Born overseas via Midwife with an international hippie mom, we learned a love of nature, and all of the wonderful uses to us. I've always pursued positions where such knowledge is valued, used, and respected. It is an honor to work with Faith and Team, and I enjoy being of service to existing and future clients.



Nathalie Rojas resides in Tongva Land, commonly known as Los Angeles. She is a first-generation from Guatemala and El Salvador. Nathalie and her family are descendants of the Maya people. She is a mother, a daughter, a partner, and a full-spectrum traditional birth worker. Nathalie serves as a Ceremonial holder for placentas, a certified lactation educator, a student of lactation consulting, an IVF coordinator, an aspiring Midwife, and the founder of Sabiduría Birth and Lactation services.

Nathalie's passion for reproductive rights and advocacy for birthing individuals and babies was sparked by her own experience of becoming a mother at the age of 16. The profound impact of her birth experience, both as the day she met her son and the trauma she endured, fueled her purpose. She believes that every life event happens for a reason, and her personal challenges propelled her toward answering the calling of Midwifery.

As an indigenous birth keeper, Nathalie is passionate about incorporating her cultural values and ancestral traditions by weaving them into her offerings. She understands the significance of providing comprehensive care to birthing individuals throughout pregnancy, labor, postpartum recovery, and the stages of breast/chestfeeding. Nathalie values the importance of respecting each family's unique needs in her approach to trauma-informed care.



Maryam Karim (she/they) is a queer Muslim, trauma-informed full-spectrum birthworker, childbirth educator, lactation educator, reiki practitioner, and yoga instructor. Over the years she has worked diligently as a community-centered birth work professional. 

She first began this work to offer support to close friends and family. As her passion grew, she took various trainings specialized in birth, postpartum, reproductive justice, and traditional healing modalities in order to improve birth and postpartum health outcomes, and to reduce trauma during these vulnerable times.

She is excited to offer a full spectrum of care which includes reproductive health education, Pap smears, STD/STI testing and education, nutrition, birth control/abortion, and so much more. 

Maryam’s other long term goal includes becoming an International Board Certified Lactation consultant in order to better support families’ baby-feeding goals. 



Emily Varnam (she/her) has been attending births for over 10 years.  She is a postpartum doula, fertility awareness educator, UX researcher, and mother.

Emily has always loved caring for families and believes community building is essential to the health of birthing people.

In 2016 she co-founded a project called The Fifth Vital Sign and toured 43 US states teaching classes about the menstrual cycle, anatomy, self advocacy and fertility.

She first came to Mind Body Birth as a client, and experienced care that was second to none.  Being cared for by Faith, Anja and Mychal prenatally and at the birth of her daughter in February 2023, further cemented her belief in the power of midwifery care.

She experienced a level of trust in her team and her body that she had never known, and feels strongly that this support should be available to all birthing people.

Outside of midwifery, Emily is a dedicated single mom, a UX consultant to brands like Willow and Nike, and a connoisserur of little treats - ask her where to get the best coffee/pastries/ice cream.

Faith Morie Freeman CPM LM


Faith Freeman CPM LM (she/her) has been practicing midwifery since 2006, both nationally and globally, and has developed a wide array of experience and skills in all areas pertaining to holistic birth and wellness.

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Mind Body Birth is on land of First Nations Chumash and Tongva, commonly known as Los Angeles

Mind Body Birth and Faith Freeman CPM LM seek to give equitable and socially informed care, acknowledging the bias and inequity that pervade all health care systems, including systemic barriers, racism, and medical harm towards the many communities that have been marginalized through the history of colonialism and violence on this continent and throughout the world.

Mind Body Birth and Faith Freeman CPM LM are dedicated to breaking down barriers, and providing safe and equitable care to every client and their family, continually striving to ensure midwifery services are accessible to each of our clients.

Faith's story

Faith is originally from Oklahoma, where she was raised on a homestead, the oldest of 10 children, with most of her siblings being delivered at home by midwives. For many years Faith practiced midwifery in Oklahoma and the surrounding states including Texas, Kansas, Arkansas and Missouri. Faith has also traveled internationally multiple times to deliver babies as well.

In December, 2017, Faith experienced birth for the first time from "the other side" when she delivered her own daughter, Kisstance Foxx, at home under the care of midwives. 

In August, 2018 Faith and Kiss moved to Los Angeles, California. They live in DTLA, a few blocks from Mind Body Birth Center, and enjoy biking to the park, dancing in pjs, live music, and lazy days at the beach.

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