The Foxx Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) partnering with Mind Body Birth LA for the purpose of raising funding for scholarships to subsidize midwifery care costs for clients and families.

the Foxx Foundation

Providing Equity + Justice in Reproductive Care

In Partnership with Mind Body Birth


Historically and currently, bias, oppression, and racism pervades the medical system, bringing generations of disproportionate harm to marginalized communities, especially as it relates to the reproductive, birthing, and the postpartum care and experience.

Mind Body Birth,
in partnership with
The Foxx Foundation

acknowledges the trauma, reproductive oppression, and prejudice that the Black and Brown communities, as well as other underserved groups, including the Queer community, have experienced at the hands of the medical system.

It is our goal to challenge these systems by first providing excellent, dedicated, and individualized midwifery care to anyone seeking our services along their birthing or reproductive journey.

And second, through securing funding by donation and grant monies to provide scholarships for midwifery-led care and services.

It is our goal that justice and equity are uplifted, and that midwifery services are accessible to all people and families who seek care. 

Midwifery care has repeatedly been shown to reduce maternal and infant mortality and morbidity, particularly for marginalized communities.

However, midwifery services are not typically covered well by insurance, and so, are often difficult to afford for those most benefiting from access to care.

The Foxx Foundation has been formed with the goal of providing funding and scholarships to clients seeking care.

Non-profit funding is critical for licensed midwifery care due to the lack of coverage by traditional insurance poicies.

Although Licensed Midwives are regulated and licensed through the California Medical Board, as well as holding national certification, many state and federal barriers exist around billing insurance directly adequately for out-of-hospital care.

Instead, grants, donations, and nonprofit funding are ways to promote access and sustainabiity.

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