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We are so grateful to find Born to be Loved Birth. I’ve always wanted to have a water birth but I couldn’t find the right midwife or the price within our budget. When Covid-19 took a drastic turn, I really didn’t want to deliver my baby in a hospital so I continued to search for a midwife.

At 37 weeks pregnant I came across Faith, and thankfully she took me and accepted me this late into pregnancy. Although nervous because this was my first pregnancy, I felt very comfortable with Faith because of her years of practice, professionalism and kind spirit. Faith walked me through the whole process of what I would expect and gave a lot of much needed and important information including my own binder to reference! She also answered all of our questions no matter what time of day or night it was.

We are so blessed to be able to give birth at home especially during this frightening epidemic. And being a woman of color, the chances of giving birth and coming out alive are very slim. We had a perfect birthing experience with Faith and I’m so glad everything turned out perfect.


After being pressured into 3 cesarean births, Keysha knew she wanted something completely different for her next birth.

First she connected with the amazing doula, Tam, of @divineandtwined who helped her continue to build her birth team.

Keysha came to me and my team later in pregnancy. We had so much advice for her - things that we’ve seen strongly improve odds of VBAC success - including: weekly chiropractic adjustments, several supplements and herbs, exercises, nutrition changes (always so difficult in pregnancy!), childbirth classes + more.

Despite working two jobs and being a busy mom, Keysha implemented so much in preparation for a vaginal birth after 3 prior cesarean births (and no prior vaginal births).

Baby Josiah was born safely at home in the water, surrounded by his family. His active little self had gotten all wrapped up in his cord - which caused no concerns. It just took two midwives and turning him upside down to get him untangled! His weight was 8lbs 10oz. A full 2lbs and 3oz BIGGER than his first sibling that doctors had said needed to be delivered by cesarean.

His strong and determined Mom, Keysha writes:

"Welcome baby Josiah - 8lbs 10oz, 20.5 inches long. Born Nov 22, 2020, Sunday, at 1:34 AM. This was an amazing journey. Thanks to my midwife and my doula and for everyone who believed in my home birth, and also all that supported me thru this journey.”


We found an AMAZING midwifery service with Mind Body Birth in the heart of DTLA.

I was also provided with a doula service that catered to black women specifically.

My doula was so amazing and I am so happy to have experienced my labor with her and the midwife team.

I want to give a special thanks to everyone who helped us through this process: Faith, Donna, Julia, Felicia, Bebie, and The Selmonds.

Malachi Musa Didier was born November 11, 2020 @ 5:43am.

Coko & G officially a family of three!


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