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Prenatal & Pediatric Chiropractic Care

Please  call Mind Body Birth at
(323) 536-2998 to schedule

Dr. Sarah specializes in prenatal and pediatric chiropractic care.

Dr. Sarah not only provides chiropractic adjustments, she also offers cranialsacral therapy, cupping, and massage, as well as infant specialized care to support breastfeeding and health.

Dr Sarah's care is also available and beneficial for the whole family, including partners, children, and anyone who benefits from skilled, in-depth bodywork.

Sliding scale available.  See prices + options below.

Dr. Sarah Zwang Weissman Dirks DC

20 Min Adjustment only
             $65 Standard
             $45 Medi-Cal

45 min Adjustment + bodywork
            $150 standard
            $125 Medi-Cal

45 min infant/child craniosacral Bodywork
            $65 standard
            $45 Medi-Cal

Breastfeeding Classes +
Lactation Support Visits

with Nathalie Rojas, Lactation Specialist 

One-on-One personalized Breastfeeding Classes either in-person or on Zoom with our Lactation Specialist, Nathalie Rojas.  This class helps you to prepare, what to expect in feeding your baby, and common experiences to expect along your breastfeeding journey.

Lactation Support visits are in-home visits lasting 1-2 hours and include hands on support with latching, oral assessment, nipple and breast care and healing, feeding schedules and plans, supplementation and more.

Sliding scale available.  Habla espanol.

Please contact Nathalie for more information or to schedule at

Breastfeeding classes  .  $130
2 hours, scheduled one-on-one on zoom

In-Home Lactation Visits  .  $180
scheduled one-on-one at your home

Intro to Prenatal Nutrition

with Maryam Karim

90 minutes on Zoom
contact for current class schedule

This class is for pregnant folks, doulas, and anyone that wants to learn about prenatal nutrition and its connection with preventing prenatal metaboic diseases, optimizing nutrition and mental health, preparing for a healthy postpartum, and much more.

For more information or to schedule contact Maryam at

Prenant & Postpartum
Walking + Yoga Group
for Black Parents & Babies

A beautiful community of birthing people for Black parents and babies.  After our walk we stretch, breathe, meditate and engage in conversation about our pregnant and postpartum journeys, share resources with another, and so much more.

For more information  please contact Maryam at

with Maryam Karim

$ No Charge
In person, contact Maryam for time + location

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Postpartum Virtual Support Group

After a 62-hour labor ending with an unplanned hospital delivery, coming into this role of parenting was more intense than I could have anticipated wrapping my head around. For months, I felt broken.  I struggled and felt so incredibly tired, touched out and alone.

I want to provide the support I so badly needed, and received, to new parents.  You aren't alone.  Come join us.

with Ali Storm, LMFT

$ donation based, choose between $5-$50
1 hour on Zoom, Wednesdays from 3-4 pm

To learn more or to receive a Zoom link to join
email Ali at

We believe that compassionate, respectful birthing care is for every body. 

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